Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, November 3rd, 2017 (SIGNIS). FICEE (for its acronym in Spanish) is the first educational and spiritual film festival in Spain taking place in Ciudad Rodrigo, a beautiful historic city located between the university town of Salamanca and the neighboring country, Portugal.

The 7th FICEE has chosen the 24 films that will participate in the official selection of the Festival, among the 918 productions entered in the contest. The films, which will be screened from November 3 to 11, come from all over the world: Spain, the United States, Brazil, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Argentina, Belgium and Georgia are represented.

The purpose of the FICEE is the dissemination of educational and spiritual films from all over the world, as well as the creation of an educational audiovisual ideas forum.

The theme of the festival will therefore be around education, social issues and values as well as films that promote the development of the child: values ​​films that deal with the issue of human rights, as well as intercultural dialogue. Films on the theme of ethnography, social denunciation or commitment to the development of a culture of peace will also be proposed. With regard to the spiritual theme, it is a very broad epigraph where religious films will be included regardless of the confession and belief of the film and its authors, transcendental films in which the subject of human transcendence is addressed.

The FICEE is organized by Kinema Siete, a cultural association that has three main objectives: the promotion and support of spiritual and audiovisual values, the development of activities aimed at promoting audiovisual products of a spiritual nature and values ​​as well as the training of professionals in the production and distribution of audiovisual products of value.

During the FICEE, an exhibition on "The 7th Art and Ciudad Rodrigo" will also be shown at the Municipal House of Culture from 3 to 10 November. The exhibition consists of seven different parts.

The first one shows over a hundred film programs screened at the Teatro Nuevo and Cine Madrid, from the 20s to the 90s. In a second part, you can see posters of films also screened in Ciudad Rodrigo, ceded by Joaquín Fuentes de Proyecfilm. The third part is dedicated to the FICEE festival. The fourth part is a recognition of the seventh art symbolized by an old projection machine, also owned by Joaquín Fuentes. "Rodriwood" and Ciudad Rodrigo as a film script are the subjects of the fifth part. The sixth part pays tribute to the "Spectator", that we all are. These six parts are complemented by a seventh, which is the cinematographic experience itself, expressed by a dynamic and participative option that will be delivered to visitors at the beginning of the visit and that will serve to reinforce the role that cinema has in our Lives

Kinema Siete is a SIGNIS partner, collaborating in the promotion of this festival.

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