Pope Francis "is unity, inclusion. He really shows what his position means, being the sovereign pontiff federator, being a 'bridge'. He gives clear signals that seek to transform our world and the Church, so that it is no longer isolated and navel-gazing. For it to be a closer, more human and realistic Church, which understands the believers,” said SIGNIS-ALC Vice-President María José Centurión, at the 8th Meeting of Communicators in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The meeting, organized by the communicators of Schoenstatt, brought together several media professionals as well as many participants "online", thanks to the streaming of the event on the internet.

The Vice-President of SIGNIS-ALC stressed the importance of the Catholic communicators of the present generation, particularly SIGNIS-ALC members, who can witness the example that Francis is.

She added that "as communicators, we cannot accept the situation of today’s world, for example, the fact that indigenous peoples are dispossessed of their lands, that people who live isolated in the Brazilian Amazonia are being killed, that many people today have nothing to eat in our countries because of corruption. "

This is why, at SIGNIS-ALC, we seek to promote through various proposals and projects a communication that transforms, changes reality, promotes a happy life.

"Transforming is focusing. This means that Catholics who are in the media must seek to do an ethical, intercultural, inclusive, respectful journalism that can transform things. For this transformation to happen, we cannot continue to do things the same way; for something to change, we have to transform ourselves first," she said.

For María José Centurión, it is essential that Catholic communicators are properly informed and understand the "conjuncture, the signs of the times. We cannot afford to see only the tip of the iceberg, but we have to go to the roots and make the citizens understand this depth and thus promote this human right to exercise its right to communicate,” she said.