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SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication which began in 2001. Its members are national associations grouped into 6 regions of the world: Africa (with a sub region of Indian Ocean), Latin America (with a sub region of The Caribbean), North America, Pacific, Asia, and Europe (with a sub region of The Middle East), as well as Intersig (composed of international organizations). In addition, individuals and institutions can become associate members. All the regions and the international group are represented on the Board of Directors that decides the policy of SIGNIS. The members of the Board are elected during world or regional assemblies. The decisions of the Board have to be endorsed by the Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly is composed of six representatives from each region and seven regions and the international group (2 members of the Board and 4 other representatives). The SIGNIS Delegates are elected during regional assemblies every four years.   The administrative headquarters of SIGNIS, the General Secretariat, is in Brussels. There is also an office at the Vatican, SIGNIS Services Rome , which provides technical and material support to church and secular organizations all over the world. SIGNIS Caribbean is an Association of Caribbean Catholic media practitioners and professionals. It is an affiliate of SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) and a sub-region of SIGNIS ALC (Catholic Latin American and Caribbean Communication Association). It is governed by an Executive Board which is elected every four years at the Annual General Meeting presently made up of - President: Lucille Nathu, Vice President: Lisa Bhajan, Secretary: Shelly Ann Hee Chung  and Treasurer: Faroz Abdoelrazak who are elected at the Annual General Meeting held every four years. The voting members, or the Board of SIGNIS Caribbean are made up of representatives or delegates from the various (Arch) dioceses as well as Catholic organisations of the AEC (Antilles Episcopal Conference) region.   
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The Membership of SIGNIS Caribbean is made up of representatives from the various (Arch)Dioceses of the AEC region. The (Arch)Bishops assign a delegate from each (Arch)Diocese and they make up the Board.  Local Catholic Organisations for Communications who are recognised by their (Arch)Bishop and approved by the Board may also apply to become Members.  Any individual/professional involved in Catholic Communications, who is approved by the Board and is in agreement with the Mission of SIGNIS Caribbean. Catholic media practitioners and professionals and/or any other organisation in the Caribbean region or elsewhere may apply to become Associate Members.  Applications for Associate Membership shall be made tothe Executive in the approved format. LIST OF MEMBER COUNTRIES: Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago. LIST OF MEMBER ORGANISATIONS: Caribbean School for Catholic Communications, Camsel (Catholic Media Services Ltd), Good News Catholic Radio, Living Water Community, Redemptorists, Trinity TV.   
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Members World

Africa Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands ANGOLA Fr. Quintino KANDANJI CEA, Comisión de Medios de Comunicación Social BURKINA FASO Fr. Pierre SANOU CEBEN, Comm. des Moyens de Communication CONGO REP. Mgr. Miguel Angel OLAVERRI CCC, Commission Episcopale pour le Médias ETHIOPIA Fr. Hagos HAYISCH CBCE, Catholic Bishops' Conference of Ethiopia IVORY COAST Fr. Webb Bertrand AMOUZOU KOKOU CEMCSCI, Commission Episcopale des MCS de Côte d'Ivoire GAMBIA Fr. Peter S. LOPEZ Gambia Pastoral Institute KENYA Mr. David OMWOYO KCCB, Social Communications Department MALAWI Fr. Andrew KAUFA ECM, Social Communications Department MALI REP. Fr. Timothée DIALLO CEM, Commission Nationale des MCS MAURITIUS Fr. Gérard SULLIVAN CAPAV, Compagnie d’Animation et des Production AV REUNION ISLAND Fr. Jean Denis FERRERE Association RE.AU.VI SEYCHELLES Fr. Edwin MATHIOT Diocese de Port-Victoria SOUTH AFRICA Fr. S’milo MNGADI SACBC, Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conf. ZIMBABWE Br. Alfonce KUGWA ZCBC, Social Communications Commission   North America North America CANADA (French) Mr. Pierre MURRAY Communications et Société CANADA (English) Mr. Joseph SINASAC ARCCC, Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada USA Mr. Anthony SPENCE CNS, Catholic News Service USA Mr. James ROGERS USCCB, Department of Communications   Latin America & Caribbean Latin America and the Caribbean ARGENTINA Ms. Isabel GATTI SIGNIS-Argentina, Asoc. Cat. Arg para la Comunicación BRAZIL Sr. João Carlos Romanini SIGNIS-Brasil, Associação Católica de Comunicação CHILE Mr. Jaime COIRO Coordinadora de los Comunicadores Católicos de Chile COSTA RICA Mr. Víctor FERNÁNDEZ CASTILLO SIGNIS - Costa Rica  GRENADA Ms. Nuala MENEZES Diocesan Communications Commission PERÚ Ms. Mónica VILLANUEVA APC, Asociación Peruana de Comunicadores TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Fr. John PERSAUD Antilles Episcopal Conference TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Ms. Lisa BHAJAN TCN, Trinity Communication Network   Asia Asia BANGLADESH Fr. Joyanto GOMES Christian Communications Centre CAMBODIA Mr. Sovanna LY Catholic Social Communications HONG KONG Mr. Yat Ming FUNG Hong Kong Diocesan AV Centre INDIA Mr. Sunil LUCAS SIGNIS India JAPAN Mr. Paul “Mac” MACHIDA SIGNIS Japan KOREA Mr. Peter YONG-OH JEON SIGNIS Korea MACAU Fr. Luis GONZAGA LÓ Diocesan Social Communications Centre MYANMAR Fr. Leo Neng KHAN MANG CBCM, Episcopal Commission for Social Communication PAKISTAN Fr. Samuel GEORGE Rabita Manzil SINGAPORE Mr. Nicholas LIM K.H. Communications Office of the Archdiocese of Singapore TAIWAN Mgr. Philip HUANG JAW-MING RBCT, Regional Bishops’ Conference of Taiwan THAILAND Fr. Joseph Anucha CHAIYADEJ Catholic Social Communications of Thailand VIETNAM Fr. Joseph VU HUU HIEN CBCV, Social Communications Commission   Pacific The Pacific AUSTRALIA Fr. Richard LEONARD ACOFB, Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting MICRONESIA Ms. Carmen WILLIAM DASKO KTVP, Kaselehlie TV Production NEW CALEDONIA Msgr. Michel Marie CALVET Archevêché de Nouméa NORTH. MARIANAS Fr. Ryan JIMENEZ sj Diocese of Chalan Kanoa TAHITI Mr. Georges DAVILES-ESTINES Studio Tepano Jaussen VANUATU Mgr. John-Bosco BAREMES Katolik Media Senta WALLIS AND FUTUNA Msgr. Ghislain de Rasilly Diocèse de Wallis & Futuna - Média et communications   Europe Europe and the Middle East AUSTRIA Mr. Paul WUTHE Österreichischen Bischofskonferenz BELGIUM (Flemish) Mr. Jos HOREMANS FilmMagie vzw BELGIUM (French) Mr. Paul de THEUX Media Animation, Communication & Education BELGIUM (Flemish) Mr. Toon OSAER KTRO, Katholieke Televisie en Radio Omroep CZECH REPUBLIC Mr. Lukas JIRSA TV Noe FRANCE Ms. Magali VAN REETH SIGNIS France GERMANY Mr. Joachim OPAHLE Deutschen Bischofskonferenz HUNGARY Mr. Akos KOVACS MAKÚSZ, Magyar Katolikus Újságírok Szövetsége IRELAND Fr. Martin LONG ICBC, Catholic Communications Office LUXEMBOURG Mr. Théo PÉPORTÉ Communication & Presse de l'Arch. de Luxembourg MALTA Mr. Karl WRIGHT RTK Radio Limited / Media Centre MONACO Fr. Patrick KEPPEL Centre Catholique Communication et Culture NETHERLANDS Ms. Miranda IPING KRO Television PORTUGAL Mr. José SEABRA PEREIRA Secretariado Nacional da Pastoral da Cultura ROMANIA Fr. Francisc DOBOS sj SIGNIS Romania SLOVAK REP. Mr. Tomas STRAKA LUX Communication SPAIN Mr. Juan ORELLANA SIGNIS-España SWITZERLAND (Fr.) Mr. Bernard LITZLER CES, Commission pour la communication et les médias SWITZERLAND (Gr.) Mr. Charles MARTIG Katholischer Mediendienst SWITZERLAND (It.) Mr. Italo MOLINARO Centro Cattolico per la Radio e la Televisione   SIGNIS International International members ACN, Asian Communications Network Mr. Augy LOORTHUSAMY Malaysia COE, Centro Orientamento Educativo Ms. Gabriella RIGAMONTI Italy CREC-International Mr. Yvan PARADISI France FMJ, Fraternités Monastiques de Jérusalem Ms. Angélina BAYLE France KUANGCHI PROGRAM SERVICE Fr. Jerry MARTINSON Taiwan PAULINES COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK Sr. Noemi BERGAMIN fsp Italy RADIO VATICANA Fr. Federico LOMBARDI Vatican City SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO INTERNATIONAL Fr. Peter GONSALVES Italy SCCF, SIGNIS Catholic Communicators Forum Mr. Frank FROST USA
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SIGNIS was created in November 2001 from the merger of Unda (International Catholic Association for Radio and Television) and OCIC (International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisuals), both founded in 1928. They had similar objectives: to bring together Catholics already working as professionals in the media (OCIC in the field of cinema and Unda in radio and television). The interest of Catholics in these new media was understandable. They saw the opportunities offered by the mass media to present their views and opinions on life and the world. And so they naturally became involved in promoting education and values. Catholics were involved in the new art of cinema from its inception (1895), seeing its worldwide influence on families and, above all, on young audiences. OCIC developed a positive approach to this new art. It wanted to offer guidance to audiences and to discover and foster productions which promoted the same values as Christians did. It called for the creation of national organizations dealing with topics such as childhood and cinema, and film reviews (an early form of media education). It also expressed its intention to collaborate with the film industry. One of its concerns was the promotion of ‘good’ films, both for education and entertainment. In the same way Catholic radio producers realized by the end of the 1920s that radio had become, like cinema, an important means of spreading ideas, and could therefore influence the views of millions and connect them to Christian values. At its first international congress (1929) Unda drew attention to the importance of radio for religious, cultural and social life. In that spirit Unda invited Catholics to collaborate with radio companies (private or public) in making religious programmes and to foster Christian values. In the 1930s Catholic broadcasters worldwide had an optimistic view of the development of radio and, later, of the new medium of television. It could transcend frontiers and bring peoples and cultures together. It could be a means of exchanging cultural values, a way of fostering mutual understanding. Radio was thought of as the means par excellence for reconciling peoples, fostering fellowship among nations and promoting peace. Like OCIC, Unda too developed different aspects of media education. After World War II and during the succeeding decades these principles found new expression in cinema, radio and television activities. From the 1960s, Unda and OCIC began to hold joint meetings and assemblies and incorporated work on the small and grassroots media that were then being developed. The 1980s saw the proliferation of video use, soon followed by rapid developments in information technology and the growth of digital media and the internet. Since many members of Unda and OCIC worked in several media, and since media ministry was cross-media, the impetus for a combined Catholic Association for audiovisual media grew ever stronger, eventually leading to the merger of Unda and OCIC as SIGNIS on November 21st 2001. To know more about the History of SIGNIS, you can download those 2 documents. (OCIC/Unda: the first international activities and OCIC/Unda: the beginnings) SIGNIS Caribbean is an Association of Caribbean Catholic media practitioners and professionals. It is an affiliate of SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) and a sub-region of SIGNIS ALC (Asociación Católica Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación). It was launched on August 21st 2007.
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Mission & Vision

MISSION To promote and foster Catholic communications for the new evangelisation in the AEC (Antilles Episcopal Conference) region. VISION  That by 2020 Catholic communicators in every (Arch)Diocese of the AEC, as missionary disciples on fire with the Holy Spirit, will utilise communication technologies to promote an authentic encounter with Christ. AIMS & OBJECTIVES In keeping with the Mission of SIGNIS, to “help transform our cultures in the light of the Gospel by promoting human dignity, justice and reconciliation.” To support the AEC Communications Commission for the formation and growth of the faith of Catholics in the Caribbean region. To develop and maintain linkages with other regional and international Catholic communications and media organisations. To develop a code of ethics for members of SIGNIS Caribbean. To engage in advocacy for the promotion of human rights, justice and peace especially in the realm of social communications. To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, resources, expertise and programmes that will encourage Caribbean Catholic culture through communications. To foster an on-going working relationship with media practitioners in the Caribbean, to support media education and to encourage ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and collaboration in communication activities.  
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