Star Event: 05/09/2017 - 07/09/2017

Hour: 01:00

The Diocese of Bridgetown Barbados was host to the 10th Annual General Meeting of SIGNIS Caribbean which was held at the Living Water Community, St. David’s Village, Christ Church.

The Meeting brought together Catholic Communicators from twelve Diocese in the AEC Region and four from Catholic Organizations and was chaired by Nuala Menezes from the St. George’s-in-Grenada Diocese.

The main topic of the Meeting was the continuation of the discussion on the Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan (IPCP) which was first introduced at the AGM in 2016 by Bishop Jason Gordon, Chair of the Communications Commission of the AEC and Vice-President of the AEC and Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, d.Min., former UNDA President and Professor of the University of Dayton (USA). They had both designed the basic elements for implementing the three year strategic plan. SIGNIS Caribbean plays a significant role for guiding and helping each of the AEC Dioceses through the process.

Besides going forward with the designing and implementation of the IPCP, SIGNIS Caribbean was celebrating their significant ten years as a Catholic Communication Organization. The President took the Members on a brief journey through memory lane, touching on the work done throughout the years and the successes that brought them to this day.

SIGNIS Caribbean is a Sub-Region of SIGNIS ALC (Asociacion Catolica Latinamericana y Caribena) which reports directly to SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication). Present as invited guests at the AGM was the President of SIGNIS ALC Mr. Carlos Ferraro (Argentina), Vice-President Mrs. Maria Jose Centurion (Paraguay) and Secretary MS. Sonia Navas (Ecuador). Mr. Ferraro gave an interesting talk on “Edu-Communication” which was well received by all.

As this was an election year, a new Executive Board was voted in with Lucille Nathu of Camsel, Trinidad, President, Lisa Bhajan of Trinity TV also of Trinidad, Vice-President, Shelly Ann Hee Chung of Barbados, Secretary, Foroz Abdoelrazak of Suriname, Treasurer and Fr. John Persaud, Secretary/General of the AEC. Msgr. William John-Lewis replaced Bishop Jason Gordon as the Theological Advisor.

The Meeting ended with prayers and concern for the victims of Hurricane “Irma” which made a direct hit on the Northern Leeward Islands. 

All the Members concurred that the 3-day Meeting was fruitful and productive.


Nuala Menezes


SIGNIS Caribbean