SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication which began in 2001. Its members are national associations grouped into 6 regions of the world: Africa (with a sub region of Indian Ocean), Latin America (with a sub region of The Caribbean), North America, Pacific, Asia, and Europe (with a sub region of The Middle East), as well as Intersig (composed of international organizations). In addition, individuals and institutions can become associate members.

  • All the regions and the international group are represented on the Board of Directors that decides the policy of SIGNIS. The members of the Board are elected during world or regional assemblies.
  • The decisions of the Board have to be endorsed by the Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly is composed of six representatives from each region and seven regions and the international group (2 members of the Board and 4 other representatives). The SIGNIS Delegates are elected during regional assemblies every four years.


  • The administrative headquarters of SIGNIS, the General Secretariat, is in Brussels. There is also an office at the Vatican, SIGNIS Services Rome , which provides technical and material support to church and secular organizations all over the world.

SIGNIS Caribbean is an Association of Caribbean Catholic media practitioners and professionals. It is an affiliate of SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) and a sub-region of SIGNIS ALC (Catholic Latin American and Caribbean Communication Association).

It is governed by an Executive Board which is elected every four years at the Annual General Meeting presently made up of - President: Lucille Nathu, Vice President: Lisa Bhajan, Secretary: Shelly Ann Hee Chung  and Treasurer: Faroz Abdoelrazak who are elected at the Annual General Meeting held every four years. The voting members, or the Board of SIGNIS Caribbean are made up of representatives or delegates from the various (Arch) dioceses as well as Catholic organisations of the AEC (Antilles Episcopal Conference) region.